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One Incredible Mascara Every MakeUp Maven Should Own

By Brianna, Sep 17 2014 07:35PM

Ok I'm just going to jump into it - I am completely obsessed with Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. When it comes to eyelashes, size does matter! My instagram friend, @TrishasLusciousLashes sent me some to try earlier this week and its aahhhh-mazing!

I have tried just about everything on the market from drug store brands, to high end designer mascara, to fake lashes and I can honestly say Younique really nailed it. I naturally have very long lashes, but over the last couple years they seem to have lost a bit of their legnth. I knew it wasn't my imagination because people always used to say, "wow! Your eyelashes are so long! Are they real?" and lately... not so much. It was kind of depressing! Trying 3D Fiber Lashes this week alone has seriously changed my life. The picture speaks for itself! PS - the picture on the left with WITH Clinique mascara already on! I mean. HELLO.

Application Tips:

-Be careful not to get the transformative gel on your eyelids because its difficult to get off (even with a q-tip) without ruining your eye makeup.

-Have a lash comb handy to get rid of any clumps

-Use a really good eye make up remover and plenty of it. Lashes by Lena sent me one that works really well but its a little harsh if you get it in your eyes.

The proof is in the pudding - so try it for yourself! Then tell me what you think below - I love reading your comments!

Sep 24 2014 09:02AM by Trisha Greene

Yeah! I am so glad that you are thrilled with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara and the results! Anyone wishing to order the mascara can do so at my website www.trishaslusciouslashes.com. ��

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